Brief History of law in India

Law in India has evolved from religious prescription to the current constitutional and legal system we have today, traversing through secular legal systems and the common law.

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Lawyers in the Indian Freedom Movement

With the selfless guidance and statesmanship of the legal profession, the Indian national movement gained participation and its impact reached far beyond immediate political consequences.

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Nationwide call for strike in all Courts on 31.03.2017 by BCI to oppose the draconian, undemocratic, anti-lawyer Advocates (Amendment) Bill, 2017 proposed by the Law Commission of India to the Government.

Date: 29.03.2017

Earnest Appeal to the entire Legal Fraternity

Dear Brothers, Sisters & Friends,

Through the media and newspapers, by now, you might have gone through the Advocates (Amendment) Bill, 2017 proposed by the Law Commission of India to the Government. A bare perusal of the Bill establishes that the Law Commission has admitted to destroy the independence and autonomy of Indian Bar completely. The word “Misconduct” had never been defined by the Bar Council of India or by the Advocates Act, 1961 and misconduct was defined only in the Rules of Bar Council of India, but the Bill proposes to define misconduct in such a provocative way that it would be now very difficult and risky to accept the brief of any client for any lawyer. Negligence, not showing due diligence, misbehavior, dishonourable conduct (towards the client or towards the court or anybody) amounts to misconduct under the definition of Law Commission of India.

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Rules on professional standards

Advocates, in addition to being professionals, are also officers of the courts and play a vital role in the administration of justice.

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