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Application for Transfer to another State Bar Councils


Transfer of name from one State Roll to another State Roll

[Rules under Section 18 and 49 (1) (b) of the Act]

1. Any person whose name is entered on any State Roll may make an application to the Council for transfer under Section 18 of the Act in Form ‘C’ in this Chapter. The application shall be accompanied by (i) a certified copy of the entry in the State Roll relating to the applicant and (ii) a certificate from the State Council stating that his certificate of enrolment has not been recalled, that the applicant is entitled to practise on the date of his application, that there are no disciplinary proceedings pending against the applicant and that it has no objection to the transfer being ordered.

On receipt of an application for transfer, the Secretary shall enquire from the State Council concerned whether they have any objections to the transfer being granted, and he shall thereafter place the papers for disposal before the Council or a Committee constituted for the purpose. If the Committee consider that the application shall be refused, the matter should be referred to the Council for orders.

1A. On receipt of an application for transfer, the “transferor” Bar Council shall transmit the entire records relating to the enrolment of the advocate who is seeking a transfer, to the Bar Council of India together with original of the application for enrolment, retaining an authenticated copy of the documents with the “transferor” Bar Council1.

2. (1) The order of the Council on the application for transfer shall ordinarily be in Form-D in the annexure to this Chapter.

(2) The applicant for transfer shall be informed about the order on his application.

(3) On receipt of a communication from the Bar Council of India of an order for transfer:-

(a) it shall be the duty of the advocate who has applied for transfer to produce the certificate of enrolment issued to him under Section 22 of the Act for endorsement in Form D-1 in this Chapter to the State Council on the roll of which his name appears. The said State Council shall as expeditiously as possible after the endorsement and the necessary entries in its roll transmit the certificate to the State Council to which the name of the Advocate is directed to be transferred ;

(b) on receipt of the certificate endorsed as aforesaid the Secretary of the latter State Council shall make a further endorsement thereon in Form D-2 in this Chapter;

(c) on such endorsement being made and the other formalities, if any, required by law being complied with the transfer shall be deemed to take effect from the date of the direction of the Bar Council of India under Section 18 of the Act.

(d) After the application has been allowed by the Bar Council of India, the Bar Council of India shall transmit the original records received from the “transferor” Bar Council to the “transferee” Bar Council and in the event of the application for transfer is rejected for any reason, shall be transmitted to the “transferor” Bar Council2.

(4) A Copy of the Order on the applications for transfer made by the Council shall be put up on the Notice Board of the State Councils Concerned.

1. Came into force w.e.f. 6-1-2001.
2. Came into force w.e.f. 6-1-2001.

(i)           Certificate mentioned under Rule 10 should be of recent date.
(ii)          Certificate must bear the date of issue, without which the certificate will not be considered.
(iii)         A Sum of  Rs. 20/- (Rs. 2000 Transfer fees ) in the name of “Bar Council of India”, payable at New Delhi towards transfer application under the rules of the BCI in Part VIII. The amount may be paid to he BCI way of Demand Draft, M.O.,or in cash.

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