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International affiliations

In recent years, there has been a tremendous increase in cross border transactions and international trade leading to an increased interaction between legal communities of various jurisdictions. As companies and businesses become more deeply involved in the regional economy as well as in the global economy, they require expert legal assistance and guidance from lawyers in their home countries as well as from lawyers throughout the region and even beyond. Affiliations of the Bar Council of India with the bars of other nations are critical for various purposes.

The affiliation would be formed for:

  • Defending the legal principles of democracy and rule of law.
  • Providing better access to justice to the people of the two nations i.e. citizens of India and the nationals of the affiliated Bar under the jurisdiction of the two nations.
  • Representing its members in their dealings with other lawyer organisations around the world on issues of common interest to the legal profession, such as the fight against terrorism and other serious crime, and the ability of lawyers globally to practice their profession freely without harassment or hindrance.
  • Providing better access to the legal information of the two countries to the members of the affiliated Bar’s to facilitate their practice.
  • Providing a point of legal assistance and advice in dealings between the two nations resulting in binding treaties, conventions or protocols. This could provide better cooperation and understanding between countries resulting in a more efficient treaty forming activity between two countries.
  • Formulating a common code of conduct relating to interactions between the members of the affiliated Bar. The code could be to promote respect towards professional colleagues, and to promote the rule of law and the fair administration of justice in two nations.
  • Formulation of committee’s which would consist of the members of the two Bar’s for the purpose of giving advice to the government in relation to cross border transactions.
  • The affiliation could also facilitate the policy work.
  • Bringing about harmony in the laws of the two countries and to help formulate domestic laws in harmony with the international principles.
  • Providing a forum where the residents of the nations of the two Bar’s forming the affiliation could put up their grievances against any member of the Bar.
  • Providing legal aid services to the nationals of the Bar forming affiliation and for achieving the same for our citizens in the other nation.
  • Ensuring that a proper legal defense is given to the national of the state of affiliated Bar in any criminal prosecution against him by the other state and ensuring the procedural rights of the national is protected.
  • Protecting and promoting the human rights of the citizens of the two nations.
  • Developing and publishing journals of international repute in cooperation with the affiliated Bar taking advantage of the interaction between the legal community of the two nations.
  • Providing a forum where the lawyers could discuss legal, business and policy issues affecting the affiliated nations in a manner that fosters collegiality and the development of close personal and professional relationships that enhance legal practice opportunities and professional networking.

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