• # Notification Rescheduled Date for AIBE-VI
  • # Undertaking for Provisional Practice
  • 16th Qualifying Examination for the Indian Nationals holding Foreign Law Degrees will be held from 25th May, 2020 to 30th May, 2020 in the premises of the Bar Council of India i.e. 21, Rouse Avenue, Institutional Area, New Delhi – 110002
  • 18th Bar Council of India Qualifying Examination for Indian Nationals Holding Foreign Law Degrees will be held from 5th December, 2022, to 10th December, 2022
  • Advertisement for Appointment of Architect for Bar Council of India Building Renovation Invitation for Architectural Services – Bar Council of India Building Renovation Project
  • AIBE Tender- The last date for filing Tender Applications for AIBE 17 has been extended to 20.08.2022.
  • AIBE-VIII date Schedule
  • Bar Council of India Certificate and Place of Practice (Verification) Rules, 2015
  • Bar Council of India Notification for requires Law Assistant and I.T. Assistant
  • Bar Council of India Trust-PEARL FIRST (Moot Court 2022)
  • Bar Council of India-International Lawyers’ Conference 2023 New Delhi (India) • 23rd & 24th September 2023
  • Bar Council seeks de-recognition of 25 law colleges
  • BCI inks MoU for cooperation with Law Council of Australia, signs partnership agreement
  • BCI – AIR Institutional Combo Offer – 2015
  • BCI-Youtube- QR Code
  • Call for Research Paper/Articles for IBR
  • Centre releases National Litigation Policy
  • Circular/ Advisory to be considerate on the point of fees.
  • Clarification with respect to those candidates who were absent in one exam and more and a result of which their overall result has been declared has FAIL*.
  • Compliance of terms and conditions of BCI : 158:2020 (LE- Cir-1) dated 05.02.2020  and of any show cause notice or of any letter or annexure to letter, of compliance, is extended till 31.10.2020.
  • Condolence Message on Death of Mr. V.C. Misra
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  • Curriculum Development Committee
  • Draft Rules of Legal Education-2019
  • Examination Schedule of All India Bar Examination IX
  • extended date for payment of Challan AIBE-IX
  • Extension of date for supply of relevant information till 30.09.2020, as per the prescribed format, sent by virtue of the above referred letter.
  • Guidance of the Council on the point of examinations and promotions of LL.B. Students.
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  • Important Notification Regarding Second Phase of Re-Checking
  • Interim Order Dated 3.3.2017 passed by Hon’ble Supreme Court in Writ Petition (Civil) No. 1023/2016 staying BCI notification i.e. BCI:D 1519 (LE:Circular-6) dated 17.09.2016 related to age of admission into 3 year and 5 year law courses, till the next date of hearing i.e. third week of July, 2017
  • Invitation to Contractors/vendors for Renovation Project – Bar Council of India Building
  • Notice- Architect& Interior Designer required for Bldng rennovation& restructuring
  • Notification for AIBE
  • Notification relating to Recognition by Bar Council of India of Foreign Universities imparting Legal Education and issuing Law Degrees and Equivalence of Law Degrees by Bar Council of India of Law Degrees obtained from Foreign Universities by Indian Citizens.
  • Notification with regard to schedule of All India Bar Examination- XVIII
  • Notification/ Vacancies (Last date for receiving applications/nominations: 10.03.2023)
  • Options/choice of centers may be sent by email by 24th September, 2020.fee details will be sent in due course and admit cards will be sent after the exact date and option/choice of center is finalized.
  • President, Vice President commend BCI attention to legal education
  • Press Release notice to the M.Ps, M.L.As and M.L.Cs who are doing Legal practice in various courts of the country in order to invite their comments
  • Press Release Dated 09.06.2020 Guidelines for online and offline Examinations, for all the Centres of Legal Education (CLE) by Bar Council of India in continuation of the earlier guidelines dated 27.05.2020
  • Press Release Dated 12.08.2019 Regarding imposing a three year moratorium on receiving new proposals and granting fresh approvals for/to all Law Centers of Legal Education/Institutions, Law Colleges, Law Schools, Universities, Deemed to be Universities, University Constituent Units, State Government University Departments, State Private Universities teaching Law as a professional degree course
  • Press Release Dated 16.06.2021
  • Press Release Dt. 23.10.2021 16th All India Bar Examination scheduled to be held on 31.10.2021 to allow candidates to use bare Acts with short notes/comments during the examination
  • Public notice- Warning/very urgent and very important-Creation of fake Id of Chairman, Bar Council of India
  • Qualifying Exam for Indian Nationals Holding Foreign Law Degrees exams has been rescheduled for the 1st week of October, 2020.
  • Regarding extension of date of holding All India Bar Examination – VII
  • Requirements for IIULER, GOA
  • Rescheduling of the 16th Qualifying Examination for the Indian Nationals holding Foreign Law Degrees will be held from 24th August, 2020 to 29th August, 2020 in the premises of the Bar Council of India i.e. 21, Rouse Avenue, Institutional Area, New Delhi – 110002
  • Results 9th Qualifying Examination for Indian National holding
  • Sitemap
  • Suggested Amendments to the Advocate Act, 1961 proposed by Bar Council of India (Revised and Final) adopted vide Item No.62/2017
  • Supply of the details of every practicing Advocate of the country as per the format required by the e-Committee of the Supreme Court of India.
  • Syllabus for All India Bar Exam-XVII
  • The 17th Bar Council of India Qualifying Examination for Indian Nationals Holding Foreign Law Degrees will be held from 13th December, 2021 to 18th December, 2021 in the premises of the Bar Council of India at 21, Rouse Avenue, Institutional Area, New Delhi – 110002.
  • The 18th Bar Council of India Qualifying Examination for Indian Nationals Holding Foreign Law Degrees has been rescheduled to be held from 19th December, 2022, to 24th December, 2022 in the premises of the Bar Council of India at 21, Rouse Avenue, Institutional Area, New Delhi – 110002
  • The Bar Council of India has started a you tube channel.
  • The Bar Council of India, at it’s Council meeting scheduled to be held on 31st March, 2018 shall have the following in it’s agenda for discussion apart from other issues-PRESS CONFERENCE AT 2.00 PM
  • Three year moratorium on receiving new proposals and granting fresh approvals for/to all Law Centers of Legal Education/Institutions, Law Colleges, Law Schools, Universities,
  • Update on Bar Council of India Qualifying Exam For Indian Nationals Holding Foreign Law Degrees
  • Update Result of 18th Bar Council of India Qualifying Examination for Indian Nationals Holding Foreign Law Degrees
  • Vacancies at Bar Council of India (Statutory Body under Advocates Act, 1961).
  • YouTube Channel of Bar Council of India
  • All India Bar Exam (AIBE) website, Helpline numbers and email
  • Application for re-checking of the OMR sheet will be accepted w.e.f. 05.05.2023 till 15.05.2023 for AIBE-XVII Exam
  • Government of India Press Release after Bar Council of India Protest Rally on 12.02.2019 and after the delegations meeting with Hon’ble Law Minister and subsequent to BCI’s Press Release.
  • MINUTES of the JOINT MEETING of the BAR COUNCIL OF INDIA with the representatives of all STATE BAR COUNCILS and representatives of HIGH COURT BAR ASSOCIATIONS, CO-ORDINATION COMMITTEE OF BAR ASSOCIATIONS OF DELHI and NCR held on 2nd February, 2019 at 11 am at the Auditorium of Bar Council of India to deliberate discuss and demand welfare measures for the Lawyers and litigant public of the country from the Government of India
  • Press Release dated 12.02.2019 of Bar Council of India after the peaceful protest rally seeking genuine welfare demands of the Advocates from the Government and after meeting with Hon’ble Law Minister, thereafter.
  • Result of AIBE-XVII
  • Important Notification for candidates
  • instant resolution, dated 30th December, 2022, it is hereby resolved that the period from the date of the last All India Bar exam held on 31st October, 2021 till-April, 2023
  • Period from 24th March 2020 till 31st March 2021 shall be exempted from being counted within the 2 year time period after enrolment for passing the All India Bar Exam and all similarly placed candidates time period of 2 years expiring during such time shall continue to remain in practise.
  • Bar Council announces visiting hours
  • Public notice about fake University
    Home > 18th Bar Council of India Qualifying Examination for Indian Nationals Holding Foreign Law Degrees will be held from 5th December, 2022, to 10th December, 2022

    18th Bar Council of India Qualifying Examination for Indian Nationals Holding Foreign Law Degrees will be held from 5th December, 2022, to 10th December, 2022

    The 18th Bar Council of India Qualifying Examination for Indian Nationals Holding Foreign Law Degrees will be held from 5th December, 2022, to 10th December, 2022 in the premises of the Bar Council of India at 21, Rouse Avenue, Institutional Area, New Delhi – 110002 as per the schedule given below: –


    Date/Schedule for the 18th Qualifying Examination for Indian Nationals Holding Foreign Law Degrees.


    Sl. No. Date & Time of the Examination Paper
    1. Monday, 05.12.2022

    11.00 AM to 02.00 PM

    Constitution of India
    2. Tuesday, 06.12.2022

    11.00 AM to 02.00 PM

    Contract Law & Negotiable Instruments Act
    3. Wednesday, 07.12.2022

    11.00 AM to 02.00 PM

    Company Law
    4. Thursday, 08.12.2022

    11.00 AM to 02.00 PM

    Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act.
    5. Friday, 09.12.2022

    11.00 AM to 02.00 PM

    Criminal Procedure Code
    6. Saturday, 10.12.2022

    11.00 AM to 02.00 PM

    The Indian Legal Profession and Code of Ethics.


     Syllabus for Qualifying Examination for Indian Nationals Holding Foreign Law Degrees

     Paper – I  Constitution

    Preamble – significance, importance, relations with DPSP, declaration and objectives of state, place in interpretation of constitution- Citizenship – Fundamental Rights – Directive Principles of State Policy – The Union, Executive, President – Legislative powers of the President – The State, Executive, Governor – Parliament – Legislative powers of the Governor – The Union Judiciary – High Courts and Subordinate Courts – Tax – Services under Union and States – Languages – Emergency provisions – Legislative Relations – Centre-State Relations – Administrative Relations – Trade and Commerce


    Paper – II  Contract Law & Negotiable Instruments Act 

    Contract Law 

    1. General features of contract – classification – historical development of law of contracts – freedom of contract.
    1. Formation of contract – offer and acceptance – consideration – necessity – classification – privity of contract – charitable subscription – consideration – discharge of contract – doctrine of accord and satisfaction.
    1. Capacity of parties – minority – Indian and English law – mental capacity – drunkenness – other incapacities.  Factors invalidating contracts – coercion – mistake – undue influence – fraud – misrepresentation – unlawful objects – immoral agreements – consequences of illegality.
    1. Void, voidable and contingent nature of contract of agreement – in restraint of marriage and its limitation – assignment of liability and benefits – offer of performance – joint promises – time and place of performance – reciprocal promises – appropriation of payments – contracts which need not be performed – breach and impossibility – meaning of breach – anticipatory breach – strict performance – impossibility of performance and doctrine of frustration – its effect – discharge of contract by operation of law.
    1. Damages – nature and meaning of – penalty and liquidated damages. Quasi contracts nature and basis – instances of quasi contracts – quantum merit. 
    1. Specific relief – general principles – contracts specifically enforceable – not specifically enforceable – parties in relation to specific performance – rescission – rectification – and cancellation – preventive relief by injunction. Contracts of indemnity and guarantee – different aspect of surety’s liability – comparison of guarantee with indemnity – discharge of surety – rights of surety against creditor, principle debtor, and co-sureties.
    1. Bailment – general features – agency – different methods for such creation – different kinds – delegation of authority – sub agents and substituted agents – rights and duties of agents and principles – fraud agents – agents liability to 3rd persons – rights against agent personally liable – breach of warranty of authority – undisclosed principal – termination of agency – revocation and renunciation – by operation of law.
    1. Sale of Goods – sale and agreement to sell quasi contract of sale – formalities of sale – the price – conditions and warranties – fundamental breach – transfer of property – transfer of title – passing of rich – performance of sale of goods – C.I.F contracts – F.O.B contract – rights of buyer – suits for breach of contract – rights of unpaid seller – auction sale and hire purchase.
    1. Partnerships – essentials – compared with co-ownership – company – Joint Hindu family business – partnership of creation of status – mode of determining partnership firm and firm name – different types of partnership – formation – partnership – property – partnership by holding out – illegal partnership – relation b/w partners and 3rd parties – incoming and outgoing partners – retirement – dissolution – settlement of accounts – sale of goodwill – registration of firms.

    Negotiable Instrument Act 

    1. Negotiable instrument – negotiability and assignability – effect of endorsement – Conversion of blank endorsement into full endorsement.
    1. Negotiation of dishonoured and overdue instrument – presentment for acceptance – presentment for payment – when presentment for payment unnecessary – parties to bill of exchange – holder and holder in due course – classification – negotiable instruments liabilities of parties – discharge from liability material alteration – protection of bankers – paying bank and collecting bank.
    1. Dishonour, noting, and protest – cheques – special features – distinction with bill of exchange and promissory note – crossing of cheques – kinds of crossing – legal effect of crossing – special rules of evidence – presumptions – promissory notes – rights and liabilities of parties – comparison with bill of exchange and cheque.

    Paper – III  Company Law 

    1. Company – Nature, definition, – corporate personality – theories of corporate personality – the doctrine of lifting the corporate evil, the criminal liability of company – company distinguished from other association – different kinds of companies – registration and incorporation of company – memorandum of association – articles of association – alteration – doctrine of constructive notice and indoor management.
    1. Promoters – duties and liabilities – prospectus – definition and contents – statement in lieu of prospectus – misrepresentation – remedies of misrepresentation – membership – definition and mode of acquiring membership.
    1. Shares – meaning and definition – kinds of shares – allotment of shares – register.
    1. Share capital – preference share capital – equity share capital control over issue of capital – stock – share warrant – share premium account and capital redemption – debentures – dividends – audit – auditors – appointment, powers and duties.
    1. Borrowing – consequences of unauthorised borrowing registration of charges.
    1. The board of directors – directors – appointment and removal, powers, duties and liabilities – powers and duties of managing director – secretaries meetings – different kinds of meetings – procedures and requirement of valid meetings – voting – resolution – minutes – protection of minorities – mismanagement – powers of company law board and central govt. – investigation.
    1. Winding up – different kinds of winding up – grounds – procedure – commencement and consequences of winding up – powers of court – liquidators – position – powers, duties, and liabilities – liability of members – payment of liabilities and preferential payment.
    1. Social Responsibility of Companies – Protection of Consumers

    Paper – IV  Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act 

    1. Main features – concept of law – suit – definitions – decree – order – legal representative – mesne profit – parties to suit – non joinder – mis joinder – representative suit.
    1. Jurisdiction – bars and suits – res sub judice – res judicata – bar to further suit – foreign judgement conclusive of.
    1. Place of suing – objection – transfer and withdrawal – institution of suits – summons – pleadings – plaint and written statement – amendment of – counter claim – set off – framing of issues.
    1. Procedure during hearing – appearance and consequence of non appearance – ex-parte procedure – discovery and inspection – interrogatories -admission – production – impounding of documents.
    1. Affidavit – judgement – decree – cost – compensatory cost – interest – commissions – appointment of receiver – power – duty – removal – restitution – caveat – inherent powers – abatement and withdrawal of suits.
    1. Suits in particular cases – suit by/against government – suit by or against minor – suit by indigent persons – appeal – interpleader suit – arrest and attachment before judgement – temporary injunction.
    1. General principles of execution – executing court – powers of – modes of – precepts, rateable distribution – garnishee order – arrest – detention – release – exemption – attachment – exemptions – sale – setting aside – proclamation.
    1. Appeals from original decrees – preliminary decree – second appeal – appeals to SC – stay proceedings – form of appeals – powers of the appellate court – reference – review – revision.
    1. Limitation – nature – object – limitation of suits – appeals – applications computation – exclusion – extension – acknowledgement – effect.

     Paper – V  Criminal Procedure Code 

    1. Constitution and hierarchy of criminal courts – jurisdiction and powers of criminal courts – executive magistrates and their powers – juvenile courts, powers and functions – juvenile welfare board – powers and functions of probationary officers.
    1. Functionaries under the code – police – prosecutor – defence counsel – prison authorities and their role.
    1. Classification of offence – cognizable, non – cognizable, bailable, non – bailable, summons and warrants case – pre-trial procedure – initiation of criminal proceedings – duty of the public to give information and to assist the magistrate and police – steps to ensure accused presence at the trial – search and seizure – production of documents – impounding of documents – rights of the arrested persons.
    1. Investigation – information in cognizable cases – information in non bailable cases – police officers powers to investigate cognizable cases – rule of police as to non cognizable cases – report to magistrate – examination of witnesses by police – recording of statements and its evidentiary value – police diary – report of police officer on completion of investigation – investigation in unnatural and suspicious deaths and death in police custody.
    1. Security for keeping peace – maintenance of public order and tranquillity – dispersal of unlawful assembly – public nuisance – order of removal – disputes as to immovable property.
    1. Maintenance of wife, children and parents – procedure – jurisdiction of magistrates – enforcement – alteration of allowance.
    1. Ordinary places of inquiry and trial – cognizance of offences – limitation for taking cognizance.
    1. Process to compel appearance – summons – proclamation and attachment – warrant – special summons in case of petty offence – commitment of case to court of session – consolidation of cases.
    1. Elements of fair trail – rights of the accused person at the trial – treatment as to persons of unsound mind and mentally disabled – charge – basic rules – alteration of charge – conviction of an offence not charged with – joinder of charges – effect of omission to frame or absence of or error in charge – double jeopardy – protection against self incrimination – accused as witness.
    1. Bail – anticipatory bail – powers of magistrate, appellate court and courts of revision.
    1. Trial – preliminary pleas to bar trial of summons cases by magistrates – summary trial – trial before court of session – special rules of evidence – disposal of criminal cases without full trial – statements under section 313 Cr.P.C and its use.
    1. Judgment – compensation – admonition – probation – non custodial treatment under juvenile justice act – custodial treatment of juveniles – machinery under juvenile justice act – sentencing – execution – remission and commutation of sentence – compounding of offences – disposal of property by the court.
    1. Appeals – powers of the appellate court – revision and reference transfer of cases.

    Paper – VI  Indian Legal Profession and Code of Ethics 

    1. Role and functions of a lawyer – enrolment and qualifications – disqualification – Bar Council of India – functions and powers – committees – right to practice – professional ethics – standards of conduct laid down by the bar council – duties of a lawyer – seven lamps of Advocacy
    1. Professional misconduct – power and jurisdiction of Bar Council of India – disciplinary proceedings – judicial decisions.
    1. Art of advocacy – role and function of a lawyer – qualities of a lawyer – art of presenting and winning a case – examination of witness – manner and skill of cross examination.
    1. Contempt of court – meaning and purpose – criminal contempt – civil contempt – mens rea principle in contempt cases – innocent publication – fair criticism – power of the High Court – punishment – procedure in contempt by judges – appeal – limitations.
    1. Legal Education Rules and Bar Council of India Rules.



    (Srimanto Sen)


    Bar Council of India


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